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         Jazzmin's building blocks for a diverse and flattering wardrobe

Over the past 20+ years Jazzmin built its following with their Jazzmin Basic Line; a collection that has served as the building blocks for many wardrobes.  The philosophy behind creating this line was to focus on creating Wardrobe Basics, easy to wear  flattering pieces that could be used as the foundation for endless wardrobe options.

Designer Janis Kato has taken great pride in developing the Jazzmin Basic Line, taking into consideration different body types and shapes and pairing her clients' needs with appropriate patterns and fabric options.

With the addition of a few key pieces from the Jazzmin Basic Line you will be on your way to creating a wardrobe with staying power to last through endless seasons and keep up with the most popular trends.


Seasonal Inspiration

Jazzmin loves to grow, create, and design with all of the new colors, cuts, and trends that come through with each new season. These items are made to be the glitter and spice of a wardrobe. These creatively crafted pieces are designed for each season and are meant to be paired with your Jazzmin Basics to achieve a fashion forward and modern look. You can easily keep up with the latest trends by mixing and matching seasonally inspired pieces over your basics. Since your Jazzmin Basics are designed to work year-round all you have to do is invest in a few seasonal pieces to continually reinvent and update your wardrobe.